We are a Real Estate Company

with substantial knowledge and experience across the vast spectrum of the Nigerian real estate industry; our team of seasoned and dedicated professionals is versed in property development, property management, business administration, project financing and management. At Tate infrastructures the goal of our 3D system ‘’Desire, Decision and Domain’’ is to help every Nigerian achieve their dream of owning their homes which is why we synergize with clients to produce innovative solutions in owning luxury homes via our systematic approach to property acquisition that is comfortably acquired by every all

About the company

Tate infrastructure is a property Development Company in Lagos Nigeria with hands on experience spanning over three decades in various sectors of the Nigerian economy. We believe in the strength and tenacity of the Nigerian people and understand the need for an immediate bridge of the infrastructural deficit in Nigeria hence our structural masterpieces and platform carefully designed to bring every Nigerian on board our growing market share.

Our Mission

To deliver quality architectural masterpieces to all, irrespective of social class.​

Our Vision

To be a world renowned real estate company in the delivery of affordable luxurious homes with taste and innovative architectures under unmatched flexible payment plans.

Our CORE Values





Team Work


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